Why Do Men Still Prefer Vintage Mechanical Watches?

With the plethora of modern watches with the latest cutting-edge technology flocking the market, mechanical watches have become less popular. However, these have yet not become obsolete and are far from disappearing from the market. Watches are not only a device to measure time but also an art. Horology is the subject of studying and measuring time and craftsmanship of designing watches or devices to measure so. Mechanical watches come with a lot of differences than the normal watches you wear. While seasoned watch wearers find the terms jewel, hairspring or balance wheel very common, most mechanical watch wearers might not have a clue of how these work.

A brief History

Mechanical watches are old fashioned and there lies the underlying reason why most people still now love wearing those. Even in this age of digitalization where devices are meant to be built for being connected all the time, what stands out is that these old fashioned watches are build by large companies which are quite old and reputed. Despite mechanical watches having a long history, the best part is these watch makers are continuously involved in innovation and blending of contemporary as well as classic art into these devices. There are many such watches in the market such as Breitling watches Dubai. While many people might think that the reason to wear vintage watches is just to show off aristocracy, that is not always the case. There are watch makers designing cheaper as well as premium watches and there are many reasons why people still love buying these watches.

Self Expression

While many have the belief that wearing a watch is a necessity to keep track of your time and plan your day accordingly, most people are very particular about watches. In the market with the vast array of watches, such as Audemars Piguet watches in UAE and other types, it gets difficult to understand which one to pick up. Self expression is a critical underlying factor in the selection of watches especially for men who select the watch that best suits their attire and personality.

Attached with sentiments

Watches are used for gifting purposes as well for example when someone reaches a certain stage of adulthood, he or she is gifted a watch or at times it is presented to somebody to mark a special occasion. Earlier offices used to present gold watches to their employees who have provided a long term of service to showcase their gratitude. Besides such symbolisms of a mechanical watch, they are also very useful and precious and generally last for a really long period of time.