Two Dos And A Don’t For Wildlife Enthusiasts

If you are an animal lover you will love the idea of observing animals. However there are many ways in which animals are being exploited for a buck. There are many tourist attractions that offer to take you close to wild animals but the conditions these animals are kept in are truly appalling. It would be against their best interest to have tourist paying to visit these places. Therefore if you are animal lover here are two “dos” and a “don’t” to observe when picking where to go to see these majestic creatures.

DO: go on a safari

One way to observe animals is to go on a morning desert safari Dubai. This way you can visit the animals in their natural habitat rather than visiting animals in cages and deprived of their freedom. Furthermore a part of the money you spend on this trip will be used to preserve their natural habitat. You will be advised not to engage with the animals so don’t feed them or try to pet them because after all they are wild. You can see them feeding or resting. It’s a better learning experience as well because you get to see their natural behaviour.

On the other hand you cannot be assured of being able to see all the animals since they are allowed to roam freely around the parks. This adds to the excitement and makes you want to keep coming back because there is always something new to see.

DO: go on a mountain tour

If you want to experience a little bit of wildlife but also spend some time with nature go on a mountain tour such as the Hatta mountain tour. You can experience a different terrain and see some breath taking views of the mountain ranges with its lakes and other water bodies as well. These are preserved and protected areas of the mountain and again, the money you spend on it will be used to maintain it in this manner.

DON’T: visit places with performing animals

If you love animals you should stay away from places that try to train these animals to perform or put on a show. This is not a natural activity for these animals and they are usually separated from their families and tortured into submission to teach them these tricks. Places you should stay away from include zoos and circuses and water parks with trained whales etc. You should also inform your friends and family of the better options available if they want to experience the best that nature has to offer.