The Most Popular Football Tournaments In The World

Football is a sport watched by millions and loved by even more. The world is filled with football teams and competitions and large crowds flock to see matches. Here is a list of the most popular tournaments.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the most popular tournament in football. It is considered to be a most viewed sport in the world. The 2014 World Cup final that was held in Brazil was watched by nearly 1 billion fans. The 2014 World cup was Brazil’s second time hosting resulted in a nail biting encounter between Germany and Argentina where Germany won by one goal. Germany’s total world cup wins stands in second place in tie with Argentina at 4 total wins while Brazil holds the record for most wins with 5 World cups. The World Cup tickets are one of the most sought of tickets and are sold out within the few hours.

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions league is the second most prestigious tournament in the world after the FIFA World Cup and holds the record for the most watched annual sport event in the world. The top division European clubs take part in this tournament. Real Madrid has the most wins with 11 titles under their belt followed by AC Milan who holds 7 wins. Excluding the finals, the tickets to matches are a bit easier to obtain than the World Cup, AC Milan football tickets or Real Madrid Tickets could be purchased earlier at a reasonable prices.

Premier League

This League is the primary English football competition. The League is known to generate 2.2 billion euros per year. Premier League is considered to be the most watched sports league in the world. Since the inception 47 clubs have competed in the League with Manchester United winning 11 titles and Chelsea coming in second at 4 wins followed by Arsenal with 3 wins. Even though stadiums are at maximum occupancy the tickets are easier to obtain and are cheaper in most cases. One could easily obtain cheap Chelsea tickets without any problems.

FA Cup

The FA cup is the annual English knockout competition. It is the oldest association football competition in the world. The competitions low barrier of entry is welcoming to many lower level clubs therefore over 700 clubs are known to compete in the tournament. The winners of the FA Cup are qualified for European football which includes all UEFA Cups. The most wins are held by both Arsenal and Manchester United with 12 wins. Due to the number of clubs and matches tickets are quite cheap and easy to purchase but the finals may be hard to get.