Outdoor Activities You Can’t Miss When Traveling To Vietnam

Have you ever longed to find yourself lost in a mysterious wonderland with changing landscapes that feel like an excerpt from a picture book? Plan a journey to Vietnam and dive deep into its cultural adventure, be it with family, friends or just yourself. Explore the entire country from north to south with more than just sights to see, from temples, caves, beaches and paddy fields with an array of outdoor activities to choose from.
Vietnam is known for its ancient temples, and for those who would rather not travel far due to time constraints, sightseeing within the capital of Hanoi can be a great start to exploring the rich culture of Vietnam. Many Vietnam holiday packages will offer this tour which can easily be covered by taxi. The capital has something for everyone when traveling with family. With a variety of restaurants for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, parks, puppet theatres and museums. For the adventurous ones, explore the 600 odd ancient temples in the vicinity and with the opportunity to rock climb as well. Link here http://www.countryholidays.ae/en/destinations/southeast-asia/vietnam.html to find out more about Vietnam holiday packages.
For those looking to explore outside the capital, the city of Hue is a great starting point with several historical sites to see. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites that run along with the Perfume River from the Capital City, the Forbidden Purple City, Imperial City, and the Inner City. All of which offer a variety of historical monuments and ancient tombs of which some are Royal.
Trek through the Northern side of Vietnam, where trails are in abundance through the mountains and valleys, here, you may come across authentic villages like in Sapa, lush green rice paddy fields, or even the Hoang Lien National Park in Northern Vietnam. Immerse yourself in the serene landscape where the wind whispers through the rice fields that change colour from lush green to golden with the changing season. On a side note, if you are looking to explore more cultural tombs and temples, why not catch a plane, bus or speed boat to Siem Reap, Cambodia, deemed a religious hub of complex ancient structures in the world. Simply contact an official agent for Cambodia tour packages who will guide you to your destination.
Other outdoor activities in Vietnam include cycling through the paddy and mountain trails, and exploring one of the largest rock cave paths in the world. The Son Doong Cave is an experience of a lifetime with picture perfect landscapes and breathtaking views. If you’re more inclined towards outdoor water activities, kayaking peacefully through the Halong Bay is one experience not to miss, as some tours pass through select UNESCO world heritage sites on the river.
A few things to consider, however, is to plan your trip well ahead of time with your holiday budget and length of stay in mind. This way you can make the most of your holiday and spend less time wasted on figuring out what to do next while you’re on your trip.