Organizing The Perfect Birthday Party For Your Kid!

Planning a birthday party for your kid can be a challenge. Firstly you have to plan and get everything ready and then manage everything during the party and after the cleanup begins. It can also be a fun time for you and everyone else. Below is the perfect recipe for the perfect party

Know what your kid wants

Kids really enjoy cartoons and movies and like a party based on them. Boys usually want a party based on Batman, Superman and Cars etc. Girls on the other hand love parties based on Little Mermaid, Pocahontas and Frozen. So be sure what your kid likes and have a theme based on their likings. Decoration, cakes and the whole party in general will be based on this theme.

The Time

Be sure to have a start and end time for your benefit. When there’s an end time the other parents know when it’s time to take their kids and go. Also have a time that’s easy for parents and the kids. This way you don’t disrupt the parents and the kids.

Who’s coming?

Know who to invite. It’s better to have kids the same age as your kid so the classmates are in. Maybe invite a few of your close friends and family as well. Don’t forget the parents. Then you know everyone who you’re going to invite and make sure there’s a RSVP on the invite as well. This way you have a head count as to the number of people arriving.

Also be sure to have two separate parties for your kid and their parents. The parents can have adult food and a few hours to talk and the kids’ party can be full of games and kids’ stuff.

The time for presents.

Your child will receive birthday gifts. Be sure to store them somewhere else so that your kid can open them after everyone leaves, so that the other kids won’t be jealous. If you don’t want too many toys for your kid, it is also possible to suggest books or book store vouchers.

Don’t forget to write down the names of everyone who gave the gifts, so later you could write a thank you note for all of them.

Cake and food.

Have food that kids love. You could make it yourself or better yet outsource it and get a catering service to do it. This way you could have food suitable for grown-ups as well. The cake should be done as per the theme of the party. It is also important to give a good bag when every child leaves.


In conclusion, you could even have games for the children if you like or let them play with each other as they see fit. You could hire a clown and remember that music is a must. After you’ve planned out everything sit back and enjoy the party.