Moving To Dubai; What’s Necessary To Know When Starting A Business There

Living overseas may not appeal to all, but to some, the bright lure of the new and exciting is a siren’s call they cannot resist. Now, more often than we did in the decades before, we hear of people, couples and entire families simply packing up and moving overseas. The advancement of technology has indeed played a great part in making us braver adventurous souls.

But if your move overseas isn’t simply to explore the world, and if you don’t have the patience to simply sit on your money and idle away your days; the it’s clear that you’d be looking to start up your own business in your new home country. While it may feel impossible to some, it’s very possible to setup new business; if you have the correct know-hows and enough money.

And what are those know-hows? Read ahead to find out.

Know the rules and decide accordingly.

A little online research would show you that where you decide to have your shop, and if it’s a physical company or a virtual one makes a difference in everything from company registration to tax. Personally, we feel that the freezone company formation in Dubai and the liberties that come with it will suit foreign businesspeople more. Though you are required to have a license, you neither have corporate tax, nor are you required to have a local share holder or director for your company; making your company intrusion free.

Appearance plays a big part.

Casual Fridays are your favorite? Not in Dubai. Most businesspeople know that how you look, how you hold yourself and the confidence you portray can play a huge part in securing certain potential clients. The thing to remember? Almost everyone in Dubai feels this way. The city is used to grandeur and luxury; it’s natural that its occupants will also feel the same. Be prepared to have to be perfectly groomed if you want to make an impression.

The language, the traditions the culture.

If you are a native English speaker, then you might find learning Arabic a little difficult. Unfortunately, learning the language is a must if you want your company to see success. This is because even though most of its occupant are well versed with the English language, knowing at least a few words of Arabic plays a big part in making yourself more familiar with the locals.

Quite in the same way, try to learn more about the local culture and traditions. As you’ll be living there, mingling with the locals and paying attention to them will help you with this a great deal. Trust us, knowing about what the dos and don’ts are will save you from a lot of sticky situations!