How To Pave Your Garden In 3 Easy Steps

Landscaping will make any garden or surrounding look naturally beautiful, part of the landscaping plan is installing pavers or a walkway or a patio for that extra appeal and of course to make a walkway much easier to walk by. Pavers are generally very versatile, durable and can be customized to help the yard look inviting and neat. Installing pavers are easy if you plan properly and have a little patience. Here are a few steps to save you from hiring professionals to do it and do it by yourself:
To start off
It is important to make a good plan of the paving in order for the project to be successful. After identifying the area of paving, use a graph paper to draw up a scaled plan of the area. This will take time and some patience initially as you will have to try out different designs and play around a bit. Make sure to use a pencil so that you can keep making corrections. Also, another important consideration is to identify adequate drainage so that the paving is durable and safe. Sloping the paving away from the house is important in order to ensure water does not contain in one place and there is free flow of excess water. There is no need for best heavy equipment to be used to ensure paving is done properly. A quarter inch slope per linear foot is usually recommended.
Ordering of materials
Checking with your local authorities and utilities companies before starting construction is ideal since keeping them informed will help you and ensure that accidents are minimized such as striking a cable or pipeline accidently. Knowing the placement of these pipes and cables around the site area are vital. Afterwards, when it comes to ordering the necessary materials, most of the supplies should be available in the local vicinity. Apart from bricks or concrete that can be bought in a variety of shapes and sizes, you will also have to find a gravel and sand supplier before the paving process starts. Accurate measurements of the square footage will help you choose your materials without having to spend unnecessarily.
Outline the area
You can outline the area simply by using a garden hose. Sloping the ground area is essential to getting the paving right and avoiding water stagnation. Make sure that the paving is above the normal ground level at all points of the area. Therefore, when planning your sloping, start with the closest point to the house or in other words the highest area of the garden.