How To Handle Small Kids?

Small children can be a handful but you must treat them the right way in order to get the response that you require from them. You can be strict or you can be kind towards them but it is very important that you show them love.

Try and make tasks fun
Since small kids are always running around and making a mess you may have a lot of cleaning up to do. Get your child to help you with tasks. Don’t tell your child that they have to clean up instead tell them that you invented a new game. If your child has all his toys on the flow then tell him that whoever puts the most toys in the bucket wins. This will be a surefire way to get your child to put all his toys back and it will also be done quickly.

Give them choices
Sometimes kids can feel like they have no control over their own lives and this can cause them to act up and throw tantrums. They can get frustrated because they are always told when to eat, sleep and have a bath. Allow your child to make some decisions, before bedtime if you are going to read a book then allow your child to pick which book you are going to read to him. By letting your children make small choices it can avoid big tantrums.

Bribe your kids
Sometimes it can be a little difficult to make your kids corporate with you. If you want a little piece and quiet you can bribe them. You can tell them that if they are quiet you will get them something. You can go to the gift shop and get them something. These are normally found in areas where tourists visit or in hotels. Many normal gift shops in Dubai turn into these kinds of shops during times like Christmas. There are also mainstream shops that target people who are looking to buy presents as their main customer base. They can small stores or large chain outlets. You can buy kids grass heads. This is a lovely ecofriendly present that you can give your kid. You will have to teach your kids to grow them.

Have a routine for your kid
This does not have to be a strict routine. You do not have to plan activities for every single hour of the day instead you should make a loose routine. This type of routine can give children security because they will know what to expect next. This can help with getting children ready for bed. At a certain time everyday your child will know that it is time to brush his teeth and go to sleep so this can make it easier for you as well.