Having Fun – The Local Way

Ever heard of the saying, “When in Rome do as Romans do”? This saying is even truer now, when the world is shrinking thanks to improved transport and technology. Here are a few ways in which you can have ‘fun’ in countries around the world – the local way.

Party Rocking

If you want to have a party, then check out open nightclub Dubai – life. There are plenty of heaving spots where the music is loud, the food is great and the booze is discreet but flowing. Famous celebrity rappers, actors, DJs and more regularly come here to party as it is one of the few places in the region that allows such controlled chaos. You can go hopping from one location to another (always be mindful to take a cab because there are very strict laws against DUIs in Dubai) and follow the party throughout the night. Ask any flight crew member and they will tell you that this is the place to be.

Eat Your Feelings

Food is always an integral part of any culture, which is why restaurant consultants always pay so much attention to setting up the right ambience. The street food scene in any country is even better but Colombo, Sri Lanka has a killer vibe. While it cannot compete with the nightlife of other countries, its specialty food ‘kottu’ regularly makes it onto the ‘Top 10’ food lists of many travellers. You could start from one corner of the city and go on till dawn, sampling the various kottu combos available: chicken, fish, veggie, cuttlefish, gravy, dry, cheese and everything else under the sun. The rhythm made by the chef as the dish is being made on the hotplate is a bona fide local memory.

Under the Stars

Interestingly, Japan still has drive-in cinemas in and around Tokyo, its big metropolis and they draw huge crowds too. If you ever find yourself in Tokyo without anything to do, grab your partner and a car, and go to the nearest movie you can find. Details are usually posted online so it should be easy enough to find one. Don’t forget the popcorn! The movies that are projected onto these screens are usually action-flicks or romances, heavy on the drama. They make for some great experiences and – in the still conservative ‘polite’ society of Japan – a great place for some make-out sessions too.

So next time you find yourself in a foreign country, stop thumbing the tour guides for activities and ask someone in the know. Find out what the locals do for fun and go do it. It might make for a better experience than the usual bar-hopping you do all the time.