Advantages Of Using Composite Panels Made Of Aluminium

Aluminium Composite Panels or ACPs are usually used to refer the flat panels made of two aluminium sheets when the thermostat energy is passed through them. These are widely used for building facades, which is external cladding in construction. The best property of ACPs is that despite of being very light in weight it’s very stable and rigid with good strength.

Aluminium can be pained in any kind of colour so it’s being painted with the use of metallic and non-metallic colours. ACPs are used in many other places, apart from construction cladding activities, like making false ceiling, partitions etc. There are various brands and cladding companies in Dubai in market making ACPs with various thickness and quality. The finish of these sheets is very good and is coated with PVDF which is up to 35 microns.

ACPs can be made into complex shapes with help of machines, it can be mended, and bend, drilled and cut to make it the way needed for the structure. It also supports builders with easy installation and fabrication and can save a lot of time and cost in construction. Choosing reputed aluminium composite cladding businesses will definitely help you in adding value to your building and construction business.

There are various advantages of using ACPs as below –

• You can give any design and colour to ACPs making it the right choice for ultra modern designs. Being light in weight with good strength properties it can be moulded to very flat designs.

• It’s very light in weight, which makes it very easy to transport from one place to another and east to fix too.

• With ACPs one can be very assured of almost no pollution and good sound insulation properties.

• Structures made of ACPs are resistant from salt spray, alkali and acid.

• With increase in UV rays many are concerned about the safety of structure from them. ACPs make the excellent choice in this case.

• ACPs can also resist breakages and had blows, so builders use it for high complex structure.

• In case there is vibration in the structure made of aluminium, it has lowest vibration noise as compared to the counter parts that’s made of other metals.

• Some of the geographies have extreme climatic conditions which can make the buildings heated up. ACPs have good heat resistance and insulation.

• The maintenance of ACPs is also very easy. It’s a good choice for long term structures.

As compared with other construction material, ACPs has super flatness.