Tips For Decorating A Hotel Lobby

If you are asked to design a hotel lobby, there are a few things to keep in mind. As the lobby area is at the entrance to a hotel, it will need to be welcoming to make your guests feel at home. Follow these simple tips to achieve the perfect ambience for a lobby.

Cater to the target demographic

Guests will immediately create an impression of your hotel when they enter your lobby. What is your target demographic? It could be either a business hotel, a luxury hotel or a couple’s guesthouse. Cater to your guests and what you think will attract them. Design your lobby in such a way to appeal to them. For example a business hotel’s lobby should look professional and elegant, while a luxury hotel lobby will be all about lavishness and style. Also make it stand out and look different by adding things like sculptures or paintings and develop a style of your own.

Make use of space

Make the most of your space. If it’s a budget hotel, your lobby will probably be a small one. Therefore make sure it doesn’t look too cluttered. In a luxury hotel however, your lobby will most probably be expansive. Thus you can place your furniture around in groups to allow your guests to linger, relax and take in their surroundings. You could think about a centre arrangement of seating to capture interest as guests enter, with more formal seating on the side. Blend form and function when designing a lobby.


Many lobbies and lounge areas also provide shops, cafes and bars. So it’s not only about checking in guests. You will need to attract guests to stay in these areas by providing comfortable seating in the lounge area. Choose pieces according to your budget. If it’s a luxury hotel, you could have high quality furniture with stylish textures such as sofa windsor. As to a budget hotel, use smaller arrangements to move guests along as they navigate from the lobby to the corridors. Link here to gain information about windsor sofa collection.


Lighting is important when it comes to a lobby. For a luxury hotel you could have elegant chandeliers to provide an atmosphere of grandeur. Provide mellow lighting in the shape of lamps and wall sconces in the lounge area so your guests can relax. Make sure your lighting isn’t too harsh either. It should be just right to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Lighting also serves to usher your guests through corridors.

Finally, provide a feeling of warmth and welcome so your guests will definitely think of coming back.

Drawbacks Of Purchasing Cranes

You might be concerned about how you can purchase cranes. Some are more expensive than others. You will have to look for key information online in order to decide which one will suit your budget and taste. Some might be bulky and you might not have a place to store them. Here are some drawbacks of purchasing cranes in Dubai for your use:


You must make sure that you take care of the machine well. It means that you should be able to spread the life of the machine. You will have to think about the apparatus which must be polished and serviced regularly. If you are looking at doing any major construction then you will have to do it as regularly as possible. Do contact the eot crane company for more information.


You might find it difficult to find the best one for the task. Some might not be the perfect fit then you will have to import one which will cost a lot more money. Some even surmount to thousands of dollars especially if they are brand new. The task of looking for the best one can take time and effort.


It can be difficult to find experienced operators for the task. . The worker you do employ will have to be experienced in operating any type of crane. You cannot hire someone who would only know one and not the other. It will make the task of completing the project a lot harder for you. Do look for the best overhead crane manufacturing company in the industry first.


It will be very expensive for you to purchase on your own. You will need ample investments in order to do so. You might have to speak to different investment firms first in order to gain a glimpse as to what you should do. Do make sure that the investment firm is capable of making the payments on time and that you are capable of paying them back. Some will charge high interest rates so it is best for you to do some research before you do decide to make up your mind. This will prevent you from getting into any unwanted problems in the end. You might end up losing your savings if you are not careful when picking an investment. It is all about how you can manage the cost of the expense wisely. Do not make any foolish, impulsive decisions without prior consultation.